Open Mic

Open Mic nights are great 28th May 2017
Doors open 6.00pm
$5 Members - Open Mic
$5 Non-members - Open Mic
$5 Students with ID

AGM - 6.30pm, for the Folk Music Club and the Cantebury Folk Festival, followed by Open Mic night

Our mission at Christchurch Folk Club is to provide an outlet for local (acoustic) performers to be heard, singers, songwriters and poets all welcome. We encourage all levels of performers, whether novice or expert, to hone their performance skills and talents in front of an audience. We provide the equipment to support you to look and sound your best: stage, theatre lighting, microphones, leads, music and mic stands.

The qualified sound man who will work with you, if you have specific requests please talk to him before the event starts. We are a listening audience that focuses respectfully on the performers and lots of encouragement. Perform material that you are comfortable with, we don't expect perfection but it's always best to be as prepared as you can be.

Choose songs you are comfortable with and if you are a regular performer at our open mics we challenge you to bring new material to share. This offers you the chance to further develop your repertoire whilst offering the audience variety. Sign-up time is from 7pm, please come on time to assure a time-slot, we do want to hear you. You will get to perform two songs, with a time-limit of up to 10 minutes; this includes your setting up and introductions.

Some tips for performers

So please... do come along and catch up with and support club members - enjoy a great night with a vibrant, enthusiastic audience who are also there to perform & share their music with you - after all, isnt that what folk music is all about?

Entry is $5.00, and please support the raffle. Some more tips for performers

Folk Club Calendar
Alan Reid, Guest Artist 2018, Auckland Folk Festival
21st January - 7.00pm
$20 General Admission
$15 Concession

Dan Walsh
18th February - 7.00pm
$15 Members
$20 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

Bottlelake Junction
25th February - 7.00pm
$12 Members
$15 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

4th March - 7.00pm
$15 Members
$20 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

Open Mic Night
11th March - 7.00pm
$5 Members
$5 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

JoŽl Fafard
18th March - 7.00pm
$10 Members
$15 Non-members
$5 Students with ID

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