Remembering Phil Garland

Remembering Phil Garland

Dear Folk Club Supporters

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 Phil Garland left a legendary career and lifetime of work behind him as he slipped peacefully away at Waikato Hospital. His death was unexpected and a shock for his family, supporters and those he was so regularly in contact with.

Phil was the founding father of the Christchurch Folk Music Club and a Life member of the club which he founded. Phil generously donated his knowledge of music, musical memorabilia and the history of the club with us. His recollections of the history can be read at

The family will publish the death notice in the papers early next week. Phil was so closely aligned with the Folk Club community and his wishes for his final performance include that community he found so much part of where he found a sense of joy and solace over many many years.

Friday 24th March 1pm at the Knox Church, Bealey Avenue will be the commemorative service

7pm on Friday 24th March the Christchurch Folk Music Club venue: The Irish Society Hall, 29 Domain Terrace will be a gathering for family and friends. Please bring your musical instruments and a plate of finger food to share both music and recollections. The Irish Society will have the cash bar facilities open.

Below is the write-up that Phil provided for his farewell tour when he played at the Christchurch Folk Music Club on 4th September 2016

This will be Phil's Farewell Tour and may well be your last chance to see and hear this Kiwi balladeer and singing historian perform in person.

Phil Garland is a highly respected Kiwi balladeer, singing historian and entertainer, Life Member of the Christchurch Folk Music Club, who has spent a lifetime researching, collecting, writing and performing, during which time he has often been described as A National Living Treasure and New Zealand's foremost and finest heritage balladeer. Over the years he has recorded some eighteen albums - winning Folk Album of the Year at the New Zealand Music Awards three times. Phil has performed extensively around the world promoting the Kiwi musical heritage with a blended presentation of songs, stories, yarns that introduce audiences to the musical heart of New Zealand and its people. Garland's entertaining performance prompted one American reviewer to say:- "his songs transport you to New Zealand so effectively, you may be inspired to take up residence there!"

Phil will be launching the digitised re-release of his 1970 album "Down A County Road", on the first concert on a short South Island tour. He will be accompanied by members of Bush Telegraph. This recording highlights New Zealand's story and the way people have lived and recorded it in homespun balladry. These songs were collected from both old timers and younger people that Phil met as he travelled thousands of miles into the remoter parts of New Zealand.

The newly digitised album of Down A Country Road (first recorded in 1970) is of great historical significance. Two of the original backing musicians are no longer with us, having passed on in recent times. The album serves as a tribute to the huge musical talent of the late great Alistair Hulett, along with the late wonderful musician and friend Dave Hart.

Further information about Phil's career, reviews and recordings can be viewed at

Here are some links to other online resources that give insight into the incredible contribution that Phil Garland has made to New Zealand music.

We look forward to fellowship in the name of Phil on Friday and hope that you can join the family to recollect and tell stories about this special man.

VENUE: Irish Society Hall, 29 Domain Terrace, Spreydon The hall is situated up the long driveway, directly next to Domain Park, and there is plenty of well-lit off street parking. Please note: there is no Eftpos available on site

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