Christchurch Folk Music Club

Camel Cottage, Andy Thompson in Concert

By Tony Hale

“The evening was drizzly and coolish, welcome relief from a recent series of enervating
norwesters. Andy had invited me to Addington’s Camel Cottage, in parts rambling
home, recording studio and mini-concert venue for alternative music. He said he
would be doing two or three songs….. Read more

Liz Nichol: A Tale of Longevity

By Tony HaleLiz Nichol is known to folk music audiences in recent times mainly from her collaborations with other musicians. But in the early days of the Folk Club she was a frequently booked solo artist at the Bedford Row Folk Centre. In fact, the records for 1972-3...

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50th Weekend

Finding our folk at the Christchurch Folk Music Club's 50th celebrations. Thank you Warren Watson for recording these wonderful memories. Thank you to Tony Hale for selected captions

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