Christchurch Folk Music Club

Braggins & Wardrop & Dunne, alas last show Sunday 12th March 2023

All the feedback heard last night was positive, the concert was so enthusiastically enjoyed and treasured. The audience was buzzing after the music finished, the room was alive and contagious for the passion shared by the performers, telltale signs of a fabulous concert. It has been an absolute privilege for the Folk Club to bookend the performances of Braggins & Wardrop & Dunne, the first venue for the inaugural concert, 21st May 2021, where it was very clear from the get go this was a well rehearsed team that put it all on the floor. Their second concert continued the exceptional musicality on 15 May 2022. The final concert of the trio on 12 March 2023 confirmed this truly magnificent trio has continued to flourish, with awesome energy and music to overflow the heart. Looking at the calibre of singer-songwriters and composers that grace the one and only CD produced from this match made in heaven, there are two stand outs. They sit very comfortably alongside some notables, eg: Morrison, Prestwood and Dylan, shine two stars ‘The Contract’, by Graham Wardop and ‘Exceptionally Fine’ by Mary Dunne. The second half opened with the dulcet and vibrant tones of Molly’s Remedy, who shone and engaged, and of course their practice had honed their vibes, so that no-one on the room would have guessed it was last February 2022 when they performed together. It is humbling to know such creatives as this winning trifecta, they have spread sparkles of humour and brilliance and left warm embers burning in our hearts as their music sincerely touched hearts and will be fondly recalled, especially by those who bought the CD to take a little piece of the awesomeness home. Judi Smitheram President/Secretary Christchurch Folk Music Club

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