Christchurch Folk Music Club

Gone but not Forgotten A Slideshow by Chris Priestley

A slideshow for the Unsung Heroes concert at the Auckland Folk Festival remembering folk legends and friends who are no longer with us. 
You are sure to recognise at least one person on this video compilation

Irish Society Backdrop

The Irish Society Hall's Backdrop Showing an artistic talent few expected, commercial painter Nicky McMullan created this widely admired painted scene on canvas in late 1961 from his imagination. The castle does not exist but the skilful composition evokes mystique....

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Paul Marks

Read more below: ARCA Desk Tape Series - Paul Marks - Support Act - Support Act The Historic Record Recording ‘Paul Marks Live At Christchurch Folk Club' Released In ARCA Series - Paul Marks - LIVE at the Christchurch Folk Club 1968 (

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