Christchurch Folk Music Club

Adam McGrath and Esther Swift Friday 21st February 2020

Adam McGrath and Esther Swift a night of contrast and exceptional musicianship. Esther from the Northern hemisphere brought grace, exquisite techniques that highlight her talented compositions juxtaposing against the raw energy of the Southern hemisphere boy, who weaves stories that thread his songs together in a wonder of captivation and awe. The contrasts were not tectonic plates raunchily grating against the other, their alternate works were like the springboard that launched the musical musings into the limelight displaying the respect that each other upheld for their co-performers. This esteem was so evident which gave the audience the reassurance that this was indeed two creatives working in symbiotic respect and harmony. The opening duet was powerful, both in its execution and the challenge ably achieved to change a contemporary rock ballad into a folk ballad. To my ears there was really no other way to hear this song. Bringing that freshness as a duet to the conclusion of the show would have added the pinnacle of performance accolades, however, did not distract from the concert of sensational talents sharing the stage. Judi Smitheram

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The Ferris & Guest Musos Show 5 – 2nd April 2023

A night of music gifted to a responsive, engaged audience filled with supporters and family. There were ten musicians gracing the stage with their sizable talents, sharing the limelight, in a well planned and themed series of memories that played out on instruments...

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The Ferris & Fellow Muso Show 4: Sunday 29th May

The Ferris Blarney Band passionately performed tunes from their Irish heritage from traditional footstompers to classics from the Pogues & Dubliners and many other Irish favourites. The show is the first of a series of 'unplugged performances' put together by...

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Wahine Auaha Celebrating Creative Women, Music & Art

Wahine Auaha Whakanui: Celebrating Creative Women 18 Sept 2022 This event celebrated creative women’s artistic achievements with a concert, art show, and video. Offering entertainment that highlighted women artists, both in musical and visual arts. The Folk Club...

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Braggins and Wardrop and Dunne 15 May 2022

Three highly regarded musicians Elizabeth Braggins - piano, vocals Graham Wardrop - guitar, vocals Mary Dunne - guitar, vocals formed the trio "Braggins and Wardrop and Dunne " Exuberance and joy come together when this trio performs, from the beautiful close...

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