Christchurch Folk Music Club

Wahine Toa, Concert celebrating women, music & art 19 Sept 2021

Wahine Toa ā Waihangatanga: Women Heralding Creativity Sunday 19th September 2021 A night heralding women and their creativity Art exhibited by Stephanie McEwin and Jude Rogers Poetry Sara Qasem Performance Lisa Tui, Steffany Beck, Saffron Sisters, Susan Leigh Grant & Eileen Marciana Reid, and Mary Ruston & Judi Smitheram Lisa Tui Songwriter shares a number of her latest compositions drawing on the strength of women’s communion with nature and one another.

Jude Rogers Exhibiting works experiment with the materials – then gave the results suitable titles. Mary Ruston and Judi Smitheram A collaboration of vocals and key tones, favourites which we hope will also become yours. Saffron Sisters Folk inspired three-part harmony of Kristina Godfrey, Frances Caldwell and Mary Ruston. Sara Qasem An amateur poet, poetry is my solace; the vacant space between my heart and mind, which connects the two. Steffany Beck Christchurch based singer- songwriter Stephanie McEwin Displayed her art work, “The Art is Present”, is rendered in layers of ink and charcoal on paper.

Susan Leigh Grant and Eileen Marciana Reid Joining hands and guitars for an inspiring instrumental interlude. Symptomatic A women’s Barbershop Quartet Tenor: Abbie Knight; Lead: Janice Munar, Baritone: Toni Stephens and Bass: Hazel Hay Women in Harmony A fun, dynamic choir singing music from all over the world.

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Fingerpicking Delights VII 2022 6th November 2022

Fingerpicking Delights VII Reviewed by Sarah Maindonald In ancient near Eastern and Israelite culture and literature, the number Seven communicated a sense of ‘fullness’. Tony Hale’s seventh rendition of ‘Fingerpicking Delights’ continued his tradition of excellence...

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Fingerpicking Delights VI

Fingerpicking Delights VI, 7 November 2021 Reviewed by Russell Dann   Tony Hale’s sixth edition of Fingerpicking Delights began inauspiciously with a sound glitch which held up the start of the concert. Happily, all was soon well as the sound men expertly got...

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BottleLake Junction – 21st March 2021

Thank you to everyone who turned up and supported BotteLake Junction at the Christchurch Folk Music Club concert. A full house is a true recognition of the esteem these three consummate musicians are held in, a great audience and a hard-working band is always a good...

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The Lesser Bob Tits: Dames Do Dylan – 23 May 2021

This very special tribute concert, produced by Eileen Reid, brought tunes to commemorate and celebrate the 80th birthday of Bob Dylan. Bringing together a group of fabulous women from a range of musical backgrounds, Isabella Miller Bell, Susan Grant, Lynette Díaz,...

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Hillbilly Hoedown – Barndance/Ceilidh 11th July 2021

Brought to you by Gary Elford, supported by the Port Hillbillies and Andrew Redepenning. The music was cheerful and lively, jeans and plaid adorned the room, Appalachian and Bluegrass rhythms intertwined with jigs, reels, polkas and waltzes, and the packed room...

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Fingerpicking Delights V

Fingerpicking Delights V 8 November 2020 By Russell Dann The fifth edition in this concert series was a cracking good concert with great artists delivering superb music in a well-balanced programme. It was compered with engaging geniality by Izzy Miller Bell with...

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Adam McGrath and Esther Swift Friday 21st February 2020

Adam McGrath and Esther Swift a night of contrast and exceptional musicianship. Esther from the Northern hemisphere brought grace, exquisite techniques that highlight her talented compositions juxtaposing against the raw energy of the Southern hemisphere boy, who...

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