Christchurch Folk Music Club

Suzanne Lynch, Graham Wardrop and Liz Braggins – 21 May. 2023

The first show for the newly formed trio of Suzanne Lynch, Graham Wardrop and Liz Braggins. What a successful night it was, a sold-out audience, three fabulous musicians in their own right combining their immaculate skills to make a powerful force of dynamism and listening pleasure for the extremely lucky audience. There was variety, not only in the song choice which ranged from the classical overtones of Liz, showing off Liz’s articulation, clarity and pitch to perfection. Some nostalgic toe tappers from the songs we remember Suzanne for the most, heartwarming and melting away the years and casting memories so easily back to being there once again. Then there is the male role model of Graham, as the macho element of the mix, rock steady, makes even the most intricate look effortless, he smiles through it all, the look of ease on his face belies the concentration required, the craft of the professional an aura of “trust me I know where I’m taking this”, and of course we were lead along trails of harmonic delight. Folk Club was the inaugural venue for another successful local trio Braggins & Wardrop & Dunne, riding on this meteoric rise to fame in NZ by this trio we will be in eager anticipation of the same shining ahead for this newly formed group, like a troika all sharing the lead together. Received the following feedback about the night “I don’t think I’ve been to the Folk Club where the audience reacted more enthusiastically than what they did on Sunday. They really got the place humming!” Thank you, always pleased to hear what you as the audience felt about the night. Let us hope that is not the last time we see Lynch, Wardrop and Bragins on our fine stage, a booking for 2024 is expected and certainly looked forward to those unfortunate to get one of the prized seats for this concert. Sincere thanks to Howard Pettigrew for the photos. -Judi Smitheram President/Secretary

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